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    McAPE exe


      my cpu usage is very high..this McApe exe doesn't show in task mgr unless I click "show all processes from other users"...


      when I click that its showing 45-50 consistently...


      is that normal even when computer is just sitting with desktop open...???


      and can I "end process" without any risk of damage..?

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          McAPE.exe is McAfee Access Protection, which tries to safeguard your McAfee installation from any interference by other programs.


          On my system it's just sitting there using no CPU at all.


          If you try to end the process you may be prevented from doing so. Even if you could close it down it would leave you vulnerable to attack from malware.


          If this process is running hot, then presumably something on your system is attempting to access McAfee files. So -

          1 - Do you have any other anti-virus, anti-spyware or anti-malware programs at all running on your system?

          2 - Have you got a background indexing service running?

          2 - Have you run a security scan, either with McAfee or another program?

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            OK found reply, had to log in again.....


            1.. I have no other AV on my system, used Mcaf since I bought it.
            2... I don't know what indexing service is but have nothing running that I know of...

            3.... I ran a full scan yesterday.. this AV seems to never show anything caught..always says comp is fine..????


            I always run scans weekly but never in the 3 yrs I've had it its never showed any issues,

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              Hmm. It doesn't have to be malware, but that's always the first thing to check.

              Although you can't really have another antimalware program running as well as McAfee, on-demand scans with other products can sometimes be helpful in finding anything McAfee has overlooked or can't deal with. Mostly the second-opinion program we all use is Malwarebytes, which is far stricter on flagging Potentially Unwanted Programs. If you want a second opinion about malware the one I would go for is the Safety Scanner from MicrosofT>

              Other possibilities are that the system just isn't running smoothly, or that there's a problem with one or more of the McAfee files.


              I'd be inclined to check McAfee with MVT, and if that reports nothing wrong with the installation I'd do a thorough clearout of temp files and other crud using CCleaner, check the disk to see if it needed defragmenting, schedule a chkdsk for next startup, then shut down - leaving a few minutes for all activity to cease - then reboot. If McAPE is still running hot after that then the troubleshooting begins in earnest

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                now the McAPE is at zero..last night was at 40++

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                  I'm comp stupid and ill with C..
                  can you supply good links for me. IE: safety scanner, MVT, CC cleaner


                  how do you do chkdsk


                  what is MVT


                  I have malwarebytes, but when I went to get the update it said to shut off AV..how do I do that..?
                  as I said I'm old and comp stupid.


                  I did check defrag..I did clean disc....I also ran microsoft mem diag, in admin tools in control panel said all was good...


                  thanks for help

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                    just ran malwarebytes..it found 91 crap piles, but no malware..


                    and my McAPE is up again...mcape 002.JPG

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                      sorry about shaky picture..hands shake..will try for better picture next time.bsod 001.JPG

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                        You asked

                        Free Scanners



                        MVT A self help Mcafee tool that can fix Mcafee program issues



                        How do you do chkdsk


                        From Microsoft answers

                        Open Windows explorer and right-click the drive you would like to check for errors, you select "Properties" -- then u'll find the properties winodow with the "Tools" tab... "Error-Checking is at the top.


                        Click "Check Now" and select both error correction options. Then you'll be informed that Windows has to access the drive while it's not in session and you'll be asked to schedled the error check for the next time you start Windows. Opt to run the check when you next reboot your computer.


                        Restart your computer... sit back and wait for the error check to begin -- and end.





                        http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/6221-chkdsk-check-drive-errors-windows-8-a. html



                        MS safety scanner






                        Take care with registry cleaners some can do more harm than good also with Malwarebytes make sure you are not running the premium version as it has real time scanning that can conflict with Mcafee at least disable this feature.

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