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    The halt command does not work


      I understand that the NGFW device will be shut down if i input halt command from the console.


      I have 2 1035C1 devices. The halt command works without any problem on one of them.

      But the behavior of the other one is different. The halt command could not shutdown the device.

      After i input the halt command, the device is shutdown but after 5 seconds, the device starts to boot.

      I could not use halt command to shutdown the device.


      1) Do you know other way to shutdown the device ?

      2) Do you know how to fix the problem?

      3) Do you know the reason that cause the prolbme?


      Best regards,

      Jing Watanabe

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          This sounds like an unusual problem. It could be due to an incorrect bios setting or even hardware issue. Please compare bios settings between the two appliances if possible.


          If you disconnect power cable from the problematic appliance, then put it back in, will it also then automatically boot up? If so, I would check if power button is not stuck in bottom position or similar.