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    Total Protection 2014 using excessive resources, memory and CPU.


      Hi.  I am running McAfee total protection 2014 and I am having an issue.  Recently, the software has started spiking in CPU cycle usage and Memory usage.  It is getting to the point where I have these long (15-25 second) freezes.  I read up on other posts and some suggestions were made like turning off NetGuard, and reinstalling.  I have tried both.  Turning off Netguard helped for a couple of hours, then it started to get bad again.  I eventually ended up disabling the firewall entirely, which again, worked for a while, but it's now spiking again.  What's more, no matter what I do, Windows 7 tells me that Total Protection is handling my firewall now and I can't even re-enable the windows firewall.  This is really starting to cheese me off.  With what McAfee charges for the software, the end user should NOT have to jump through hoops, just to get it to function withouth messing up the entire machine.  I will post a couple of screen caps I took of the issue in Process explorer, along with my system stats.  And BTW, I do NOT have an HP printer or computer.


      MSI 990FXA-GD80 Motherboard

      AMD Phenom II X6 CPU

      16GB Cosair Memory

      MIS ATI/AMD HD Radeon 6970 2GB PCIE video card.

      Creative Labs Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty sound card.

      12 Hard Drives of varying models and capacities, 6 Internal SATA, and 6 External SATA in drive docks running on USB 3.0 connections to the PC.

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

      My Total Protection was updated on 1/23/2014


      There should be no lag whatsoever with this setup.


      Here are some screen grabs..

      CPU Usage 1.jpg

      CPU Usage 4.jpg

      I really hope McAfee fixes this.  I am due to renew my yearly subscription on 3/6 and at this rate, McaFee will NOT be getting a return customer.  And thats for all three x3 licenses I have.  They better start fixing what's broken as a first priority.  Rather than trying to make a broken piece of software look nicer to try and get more people to buy it.  I really can't stand this lagging and I am very tempted to just uninstall it now and give up.  And their support is completely useless....


      If anyone out there has found a solution to this issue, please let me know.  Thanks