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    Mcafee SaaS with Endpoint Security 6 - how to exclude processes


      Hi there

      This is my first time submitting a question on this community forum - I am hoping it will be helpful! I am a junior security analyst and this is an introduction to SaaS and Endpoint security.

      I am picking up work for a client who has had Mcafee Endpoint security 6 installed on their server - I can see that it is installed on both the physical machine and also in the SaaS cloud solution it is reporting in.

      The client is complaining that since the McAfee has been installed, their backup of their drives are taking much longer to complete. It has gone from approximately 3 hours to complete to about 13 hours. They use CA Arcserve to backup and from a bit of research, other people with this backup application have noted similar effects after Mcafee is installed.

      My question is how can I make some exclusions in Endpoint Security to skip the ArcServe processes? I know in Endpoint security on the SaaS console it is possible to create, file, folder and file extension but I have read recommended exclusions from CA Arcserve themselves, and they recommend created "process" exclusions.

      https://arcserve.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202837895-Antivirus-Process-and-F older-Exclusions-for-arcserve-Backup

      Is it possible to create process extensions in SaaS with Endpoint security? If not, what is an alternative I could use to create some excusions? If anyone else has had a similar issue with CA Arcserve and Mcafee security and they managed to solve it could they please respond.

      Thanks so much for your help,