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    URL Filtering on L2 firewall




      I'm preparing very simple configuration, unfortunately I have a problem with URL filtering. I've installed SMC 5.8.1 and 2 firewalls 325 (5.8 x64). Firewalls works in L2 mode (inline). SMC and management interfaces of firewalls are in the same network, with full access to internet. In firewall configuration I've setup DNS servers. Routing (from management interfaces of firewalls and SMC) is setup correctly. I have a license for URL filtering, license was correctly installed on both firewalls. I've setup simple firewall policy based on firewall L2 template with inspection. I've created inspection policy based on High-security template (Medium-Security was tested) . When I try to change in inspection action in URL Filtering to Terminate (no matter categories) all HTTP traffic is blocked. Firewall policy is very simple Any source to any destination HTTP and DNS (udp) allow.


      Any help will be appreciated



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          For the Layer 2 FW policy I verify that you are using Layer 2 Firewall Inspection template based policy. With the template inspection is turned on. Additionally rule ID 1 allows DNS from firewall itself.


          The problem sounds like firewall is trying to reach servers to query for category and thus delaying connection heavily when waiting for timeout. If you log in to engine you should see among established connections firewall having established connection to port 2316 on server (#netstat -an | grep 2316). You can also try to ping "service.brightcloud.com", requires policy to allow ping from firewall.


          If license would not be including the feature you would get validation warning telling web filtering to be ignored on policy install.


          Hope this helps at least to verify whether the nodes have connection to category server or not.

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            Hi Vnippula,


            I've testes connections from firewall to brightcloud:


            tcp        0      0       TIME_WAIT 

            tcp        0      0     ESTABLISHED

            tcp        0      0       TIME_WAIT 

            tcp        0      0     TIME_WAIT


            I've tested new evaluation license - all features enabled - the same problem. I've tested the same policy in my lab (this time policy was installed on MFE s1104 - firewall in L2), everything works - magic .... 




            ICMP to service.brightcloud.com is blocked.


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              Please check /data/diagnostics/urlcatd.log for any relevant errors.