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    VirusScan Enterprise Can't Protect Detect or Remove Trojan That Randomly Opens WebPages In Chrome




      I have McAfee VirusScan (enterprise). My work computer has never had another browser installed but IExplorer. Last week when my PC started I saw the Chrome browser screen flash and it strted opening new tabs and loading random webpages in them. I know where the "Chrome" or fake Chrome exe is running from, it installed itself there. I'm not sure if it's the real Chrome or a look-alike even though the exe file properties seems legit, it has "Google Chrome" and the version. Neither Chrome, its install or anything of that sort has ever been in my computer, and it's been years since I don't install new software in this PC other than managed Microsoft updates that the IT Infrastructure automatically updates everybody with


      Question:McAfee couldn't detect nor stop anything, and the McAfee full scan didn't find anything either. Why is that? How is it possible?


      Question:If my computer has never had Chrome installed, is it normal to have the following folders named "Chrome" in these locations?


      C:\Documents and Settings\<MyUserNameHere>\Local Settings\Application Data\assembly\Qegcvcaeamw\Application Data\Google\Chrome

      C:\Documents and Settings\<MyUserNameHere>\Local Settings\Application Data\SGS\zuiqxnifzku\Application Data\Google\Chrome


      Question:If you know of some McAfee tool to detect/remove/etc that could help with this prob, pls let me know


      Your help is greatly appreciated


      Thanks in advance,