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    Unwanted Mcafee page


      Whilst browsing in chrome, a whole page advertising mcafee pops up, over what i am doing. It's really annoying, and sometimes when I close the tab, the page I was on is not there anymore- frustrating if I happen to have been typing something. How do I stop this unwanted page appearing.

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                         Could you please provide a screenshot of the Ads that are being displayed? I have not seen such in my daily computing. However my Browser of choice is Internet Explorer 11. Is this the only Ads popping up, or others as well? I have heard of occasional McAfee Prompts,in regards to your subscription renewal. However, not one that would cover the whole page?


                         Could this possibly be Site Advisor Appearing while surfing?


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          Thank you in Advance


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            It may very well be that you have inadvertently picked up some Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

            Should this be the case, I would suggest some of these Superb Free Tools : Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


            I would suggest running McAfee Getsusp to detect Unknown/Suspicious Files that have yet been added to the McAfee GTI Data Base. Please remember to add your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. Then I would follow up with AdwCleaner for a second opinion.

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              Peter M

              It would help to know what the page was about.   Having no idea what's on your machine and what settings McAfee has I would hazard a guess that something wants to be activated.


              If you can satisfy yourself that no malware is present (see last link below) I would contact Technical Support, it's free.


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                Any McAfee prompts, notifications, and (occasional) product advertising is done by means of a pop-up window in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The only full-page window that you are likely to see is, as catdaddy surmised, when SiteAdvisor displays a blocking page (Red for a dangerous website, Yellow for a lower-risk site).


                Take a screenshot next time it happens so we can see what this is about.

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                  The page has only reappeared today- below is the link to it


                  McAfee - Renew Today and Save

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                                    Just to clarify my thinking...Are you saying that you are suddenly re-directed to that page, or are you clicking on the link with-in a prompt to go there? Also, I might add that the Price of the subscription is 1/2 the price of the normal subscription cost.


                                     Especially it being McAfee All Access....


                    Thank you in advance,

                    All the best


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                      No- it just appears on top of anything I have open in chrome. If I close it, the web page I was on re-appears,(but not always). I have been a client of  McAfee for many years, and have subscribed to Family protection for some time, so i'm annoyed at this unwanted intrusion.

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                        Hi scouser,

                                             Thank you for your prompt response. That is indeed strange, for this to be occurring? As Colleague Hayton explained, normally you may receive a Prompt in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Possibly to remind you that you are reaching your expiry date.


                                              Which you could normally dismiss. Do you by chance have your "Auto Renewal" settings enabled?

                                               If so, you could go to your account and disable to see if this resolves this issue. As suggested in Post #2  You may try running AdwCleaner also.


                                             This may be a topic for discussion during our next Conference call.


                                              Please know that your concerns have been acknowledged.


                        All the very best,


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                          I might add also, I was just informed by a most knowledgeable Colleague, that you can also try clearing your Cookies/History/Cache in Chrome. And see if this helps to resolve your issue.

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