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    ePO Different user permission set.


      Hello All,


      I have created an additional ePO user for manage their local branch themselves. I set the permission for that particular user to manage their local branch repository and system tree as well.


      But user can't able to modify system tree repository. is there any idea please suggest.

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          Did you give them permission in the User Management ->system Tree Access ?

          Also check your systems:


          Also, think you might be getting confused on repository management and system management.  The user would need full access to that system/host that is acting as the repository- which should be in the Agent manamgent which should be controlled via the Policy assignment Rule:  permissions.


          OR- just copy the "group admin" permission sets and then change the "system tree" permissions to the hosts that user needs access to in the system tree.


          Hope that helps.

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            Hi Michael,


            Thanks for your support, I am already set permission for agent management policy for create , modify and delete repository task.

            But I have one more query about customize mcafee agent. mcafee agent only contact with epo server instead of agent handler and super agent.

            I tries following steps but not able to create Framepkg.exe.


            1) I have created mcafee agentFrmpkg.exe.

            2)  extract it's content modify Sitelist.xml

            3) created Frmapkg.exe  using WIN RAR but not install.

            could you please suggest the best way to create .exe again.