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    web post protection


      Install Data Loss Prevention 9.3.300.31
      faced with the problem of not working  web protection rules
      on all documents set the tag "Internal documents"

      web protection rules

      • applies to all Web servers
      • tags "Internal documents"
      • all types
      • all extensions
      • Block, monitor, Notification
      • all domain users


      expansion in the IE included and police Update
      when sending mail with an attachment has nothing to do not block (via gmail)
      what am I doing wrong ?


      supported by other web browser - Chrome, FireFoh, Opera ??

      Now everyone uses HTTPS as specified in the rule only HTTP

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          Good day, hansolo!


          1. Web Post Protection Rule. New rule.

          2. Step1 Apply this rule to all web servers or Select from list (you web-sites).

          3. Step 2 You don't need to choose (or choose).

          4. Step 3 Apply this rule to all file types.

          5. Step 4 All file extensions (or choose).

          6. Step 5 Nothing

          7. Step 6 Apply this rule to all enc types.

          8. Step 7 select the desired action: blocking, monitoring ...

          9. Step 8 all domain users.

          All! I have this rule blocks all web mail server. Tested on gmail - powered - blocking sending files when accessed through firefox.

          Kind regards.

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            HI ! palex

            thanks for the answer, this solution works for IE but not in Google Chrome, how to be with other browsers ?

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              Hi, hansolo!

              I tested in Firefox. Protection rule worked. Support for Chrome will be implemented in DLP Endpoint version 9.4. Start testing the beta version was appointed on 16 February. Tech support sent me a message asking to participate in testing. I hope that in the spring of this version will be run.

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                great news! HDPL 9.4