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    McAfee Community - not staying logged in?


      Some weeks or months ago Jive (the Board software) went through a spell of logging users out for no apparent reason, sometimes only a few minutes or even seconds after logging in. It only happened to some users, but anyone affected might find it difficult to stay connected long enough to achieve anything.  This problem was supposed to have been fixed, or so I thought, but in the past few days I've noticed it happening again. Just now I logged in and changed the location to Home - and even before the page had finished loading I got a red banner inline saying the operation could not be completed and I might have been logged out. Sure enough, I was no longer logged in.


      If this is going to start happening again then anyone who has experienced it recently please add a message to this thread so the Board Admin can get an idea of how many users are affected. In other words, that it's not just me.

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