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    Update check frequency - how check it by ePo



      I have got ePo server 4.6.6 and Agents in versions (old systems) , and 4.8 (windows 8 and later) all together about 1300 computers in one LAN

      recently i was instructed by my boss to explain why:

      updates repository on linux based ftp server is being flooded with connections from all workstations with agent installed (it is over10 connections every sec each targeting mcafee update files)


      I tried to find where can I configure options for frequency that Virus Scan is checkin for new updates in repository

      I think i went throug all options in ePo but I can't find it.

      Can anyone provide me some info how can I do that ?


      I can find similar options  in Virus Scan Console in Autoupdate Task Properties , but it is 1300 computers.


      any help would be nice