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    Constant Windows Domain User Lockout


      Hello all, I've been experimenting with the Explicit Proxy Authentication and Authorization ruleset so that I could control which AD groups would have access to the web. I've been using this setup without issue for sometime now in my test area but all of a sudden the user account I've been testing with is constantly being locked out which leads to the Authentication Prompt showing up in the browser. I'm not sure why that happens but when I look at the Rule Trace, I see a LOT of authenticate actions, for each of the URLs that would be contacted in loading YouTube's homepage for example.


      I theorized that the constant authentication requests may have "bombarded" the DC thereby making the account locked out so I tried to increase the TTL for the NTLM cache to 5 minutes but I've seen no change yet. I'm currently using the stock Authentication ruleset with the User Database at Authentication server setting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.