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    Help needed with rootkits


      Hi.  When running McAfee anti-virus, I keep seeing "scanning: rootkit".  Sometimes this goes by quickly, sometimes it seems to sit on this for quite a while (sometimes for 20-30 minutes).  I have tried to run several rootkit removers to get rid of the rootkits.  McAfee rootkit remover, MalwareBytes Anti-rootkit, GMER, TDSSKILLER by Kaspersky...all show nothing.  They all come back clean, but   After I have run these programs, I run a full scan with McAfee anti-virus and I still see the rootkit pop up when it is doing the scanning.  I have even gone to the extent of reloading my windows and wiping everything out and re-installing things back on my computer, but the rootkits still show up.   Can anyone help me out here?  Can anyone give me a clue as to how to get rid of these rootkits?


      I am running Windows 8.1 and my McAfee version is the one I downloaded from ATT U-verse




      Thank You for anything you can tell me.

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          Actually there is no reason to be alarmed. The wording displayed during your scan could have been better worded, and has been discussed in our calls.

          It simply means that it is "Scanning for Rootkits", not that it has detected one, per se. As long as your scan completes without issues, again there is no reason to be concerned.


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                           I might add that Colleague Ex_Brit has explained such in the Virus Scan Area as a Announcement