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    McAfee Internet Security Mac:  Issues with Custom and Time Machine


      I'm running the latest version of Yosemite and MIS (600).   Everything seems to be working fine including Real Time Scanning and Updates, however I keep running into issues during Time Machine backups.  What happens is that after the backup starts, I will get a message at some point from Real Time Scanning saying that some malware has been found on the Time Machine volume, and then the backup immediately aborts.   I can get around this by disabling real time scanning but that seems a bad idea.    So I tried to clean  out all my quarantine files on My Mac and on the Time Machine volume but had the same issue occur, which seems strange if I deleted those quarantine files.   Is there a workaround for this?


      One workaround I tried was to just do a full scan on the Time Machine drive, but that brought up another issue.  When I go to do a Custom Scan, there is just a Start button; there is no option to select specific drives or folders.  I guess I can just scan the whole Mac, which I presume would include that drive, but would prefer not do do that during the day.  So why would I not be able to select any folders or drives?





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