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    URL Problem

    Haaris Faizan

      Hi everyone,

      I have created a rule in webgateway :-

      client.ip is in list <name of IP list> and

      URL matches in list <name of URL list>

      Where URL list contains https://soc.indusguard.com.When user open the URL it asks for the userid & password to login to that website.Once the user successsfully login he gets the first page but that page is not opening properly whereas when we open the same URL from internet its opening properly.I thought that it may be bcoz of java but when i checked it from the machines having latest java update,I came to know that its not java problem ,So,I checked in Webgateway to troubleshoot the issue & found that google.com is getting blocked in rule tracing engine for the above mentioned URL.I allowed the google.com URL for the client for testing purpose & it started opening properly


      1) How google.com is getting blocked for that URL???

      2) We cant allow google.com in our environment bcoz of restriction from client.So,is there any other way to deal with this situation?????


      Screenshot attached for reference purp[ose


      Proper URL Page:-


      Improper URL Page:-


      Any effort will be highly appreciated