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    Hey guys Mcafee detected a Artemis!9E3EED42E161 on my last scan. I need help.


      So I got a new laptop with a 30 day trial of McAfee LiveSafe. I downloaded the online game Crossfire from


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      After a few weeks of playing the game, I decided to run a full system scan (cos I am paranoid) and this happened, the scan quarantined a Artemis!9E3EED42E161 and when I looked at where it originated from, it said the hgwc.exe file from the game files of Crossfire. I tried to send it to McAfee for analysis but whenever I tried there was an error so I decided to just have Mcafee delete the file rather that restore. Now when I try to run the game it says "Failed to execute HGWC"


      So now I am wondering, is this a false alarm? Is Crossfire safe? Also, what is Artemis!9E3EED42E161 ?

      Thanks in advance and sorry for the long read.

      Also, I tried searching the Artemis!9E3EED42E161 and nothing popped up.