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    Quickclean does not progress


      I have tried running Quickclean on my PC and it sits at this spot for ages. What is wrong?


      Mcafee Quickclean 2015.png

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          That depends. How fast is your system, how big is the disk, how many files is it trying to clean up?


          Take a screenshot of QuickClean at the point where it seems to get stuck, that might help us to pinpoint the issue.


          Alternatively, you could try using Windows own built-in clean-up program, or use something like CCleaner to do the file cleaning.


          I didn't see the screenshot in the original post, I was using the Activity stream.

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              Ooops, Sorry Hayton. Was not aware you were posting....

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                @les61, I apologise for not seeing the screenshot already there. I was using the Activity stream, which only showed the question not the picture.


                Okay, that looks odd. 0% complete after cleaning 13 Other System Files. Hmm. So it hasn't noticed that it's got to the end of those files. That could be significant ..


                First thing to note is that that is all you want cleaning, apparently. The program ought to skip over any non-selected items, but perhaps it isn't doing so. I have noticed in the past with QuickClean that it sometimes seems to stick at certain points, but I've never seen it completely hang.


                Does it do this if you select a wider range of items to clean, or only if you're cleaning Other System Files? I'm wondering about the possibility of damage to the file system (running chkdsk should help if that's the case) or perhaps excessive disk fragmentation (run Defrag to check whether you need to defragment).