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    Hope that McAfee could support more payment channels


      For the Chinese consumers who have no international credit card, the only way to pay for a license of McAfee is to use the payment service of Alipay.

      If anybody want to use Alipay, he/she should first intall the software designed by Alibaba. I dislike their software since it will continuously try to access the memory of all the running processes and use some malware-like techniques to prevent you from terminating it.

      Therefore, I would appreciate it if McAfee could consider more payment channels.


      For example, the local agent of Kaspersky (a Russian anti-virus software) allows us to pay by E-Bank. It is very convenient for us. So does the local agent of Avira (a Germany anti-virus software).

      At least, I think paypal may be a better choice than Alipay. But McAfee doesn't support paypal.


      I have contacted with the consumer service in China for this, but they only suggest me to use Alipay.

      I have also contact with the consumer service in the US, but they suggest me to call 1-866-622-3911, which would be an international call for me.

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