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    Set up internal Auto-Update server


      I am using VSE 8.8, and I am on an internal network with no access to internet.


      I am attempting to set up an auto-update directory so our machines can point there -- I set this up by going to "Edit Auto Update Repository List" and adding my own read-only http website @ port 80.


      In my browsable website folder, I put the contents of the zip referenced: ("You can use the following alternative update sites if you do not use ePolicy Orchestrator")



      So, I go here and grab this zip file:



      Once it is extracted into my directory, I run the auto-updater.

      It failed on not finding a SiteStat.xml file.

      I created one manually as found in the http://download.nai.com/products/commonupdater, and it got past that step, only to fail on the catalog.z

      I get the feeling that this is NOT the correct zip file.


      Is there a way to get a prepackaged-zip of the entire contents of the commonupdater folder?

      Am I going about this all wrong?