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    Virusscan change reset time on items changed at console


      I was wondering, is it possible and if so what would be the best way on a set of computers to change how long before something changed in the virusscan console resets back to what is set in policies in ePO. 


      Here is my scenario:  I am using Microsoft MDT and there are a couple of issues at odds with it and Access Protection (see here).  So the workaround is to temporarily disable Access Protection.  Well, some MDT operations take a great deal of time.  I'd prefer not to change the policy on a machine to disable AP because then I'll probably forget to set it back.  To me it seems the easiest way would be on my MDT related servers to disable it on the console but it not reset for a longer amount of time, 30 minutes or something.  Is that entirely related frequency of policy checks or is there another way?


      Thank you.