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    Introducing McAfee ESM Content Exchange

    Scott Taschler

      Hello ESM Community,


      Recently we've had some discussions on this forum about the inability to post shared content such as custom parsers.  Today we've created a new group, the McAfee ESM Content Exchange. 


      McAfee ESM Content Exchange


      This group is a private group, which means you'll need to search it out and join it before you're able to view and post information.  This restriction is necessary in order to prevent the inevitable spam posts that we see in open groups.  For now we'll manage membership very loosely; all requests for membership will be granted, and we will deal with abuse when/if it happens.


      Within this group you'll find that you can upload/share file and documents, generate polls, upload videos, and in general take full advantage of the features that the McAfee Community has to offer.  I hope you will use this forum for sharing all sorts of custom content, including


      • Custom parsers
      • Correlation rules
      • View
      • Reports
      • etc.


      Please take a look and let us know what you think.  For those of you who have posted things like this in the past on this forum, I hope you'll consider reposting to the new group so we can begin to build some initial content.  For now the group is a rather quiet place :-)


      Best regards,