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    Progress page fails on large downloads


      Good morning everybody

      We used to discover many times that the progress page fails on large downloads. Digging in that forum for a solution was without success so far so usually we configure in such a situation just an exception for the specific url which causes it to fallback to data trickling.  This is our rules which are pretty common or let me say, just default:



      Today a user wants do download that file: http://www.myigel.biz/public/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_DESKTOP_FIRMWARE/LX/V5/lx_5.05.100_p ublic.zip, size is about 618.9 MB. The download link is provided on the url  http://www.myigel.biz/index.php?dir=IGEL_UNIVERSAL_DESKTOP_FIRMWARE/LX/V5/.


      The progress page does not appear and after a while I get that message:




      So the download may have been down however I'm missing somehow the link to that file. As I'm preparing for the upgrade to the latest version of I had the chance to work on that issue on two versions, that is and No differences at all, same behaviour in both versions. This is what my debug log says:


      DEBUG RULESET:  [12/Jan/2015:17:30:19 +0100] ****** 4  http://www.myigel.biz/public/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_DESKTOP_FIRMWARE/LX/V5/lx_5.05.100_p ublic.zip?forcedownload   Add debug logging Enable Debugging and Logging, Enable Rule Tracing, Add debug logging, Global Blacklist, Global Whitelist, Authenticate and Authorize, Get Credentials from downstream Proxy, X-Authenticated-User, X-Authenticated-Groups, X-Forwarded-For, Authorize, Define properties based on group membership, Check if user belongs to ksgr, SSL Scanner, Common Rules, Remove Header: Via, Handle Special Sites, Web Cache, Read From Cache, Enable Web Cache, Progress Indication, Enable Progress Page, Enable Opener, Enable Composite Opener, URL Filtering, URL Filtering Whitelist, URL Filtering ksgr_internet_informatik, Set Group Processed, Media Type Filtering, Gateway Anti-Malware, Remove Partial Content for HTTP(s) Requests, Enable Debugging and Logging, Enable Rule Tracing bg_navbar.jpg logo.png ###


      So according that logs the progress page rule is triggered, however as mentioned the progress page is not displayed.


      Configuration is two physical nodes (WG4500) in central management cluster mode (ProxyHA).


      Many thanks for your help.