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    "Device not fully Protected" Message




      I've encountered and strange and worrying occurance with my McAfee SecurityCenter. I don't normally have any problems with it but today, after being online only a couple of minutes on amazon.co.uk, a warning message flashed up stating my "device was not fully protected" - the Real-Time Scanner was "starting up" instead of "on". I always check the status screen before going online and everything was "on" beforehand.

      After disconnecting and waiting a few minutes it turned itself back on and thankfully has stayed that way. I recently ran a manual updatecheck and now have the following (I haven't included Firewall/AntiSpam here):

      McAfee SecurityCenter


      Version: 12.8

      Build: 12.8.992

      Affld: 105

      Last Update: 14/11/2014

      Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

      Version 16.8

      Build: 16.8.821

      Last Update: 12/01/2015

      Engine Version: 2130.0

      Engine creation date: 12/01/2015

      Since this hasn't happened before, could it be due to the latest update, or something else?

      I've run scans with MBAM and MVT and found nothing.



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