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    Automatic tag apply to the group or subgroup in system tree


      We have EPO 4.6.8 console.We have "n" number of groups.Already i have a tag name "Server".


      Around 2000 machines are already applied tat Tag.If any new server are added to the group the "server" tag need to apply automatically.


      Currently we are doing this activity manually.If we have the option like automatic then we have fulfill our compliance count matches everytime.


      Kindly help me the steps for configuring the automatic tag options in EPO server.




      Kumararaja J

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          Easy job normally


          first solution : (EPO 4.x and 5.x)


          Edit the tag and put Inside it the necessay condition. i do that for 150 automatic tags.

          for exemple, the tag server is automatic, then another one alos 2000,2003,2008,2008R2,2012) then a subnet tag (with repository is concerned)), a special one if the server is an application server and so on.


          Each Workstation has normally between 7 and 10 tags applied automaticaly. between 5 and 8 for server based on the role


          Second solution but less intelligent.(EPO 4.x and 5.x)


          Create a server task that exeucute itself each hour. With a query Inside, select computers based on yous filter conditions than as an action on the selected computers, choos APPLY TAG. I also have many tasks like this one on one of my ePO.


          Always try to work with automatic tag. Easier and clever.And you can link your client task to them, and you obtain a epo system taht can work alone (almost)


          The 5.1 ePO has also a better way of managing tags. You can classify them into groups and subroups.