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    security scan plus - threats... what are they?


      McAfee Security Scan Plus


      issues found... fix

      fix what?  what does clicking the fix button do?


      threat detection... 4 issues found

      harmful websites 4... protect

      protect is a link that goes to what?


      web threats... online threat detected


      fix now... by doing what?


      mcafee web protection off

      i uninstalled it...


      it flagged as red sites i had been to for months

      with no trouble at all...

      all it said was

      when we visited this site we found it exhibited

      one or more risky behaviors


      it doesn't say what they are

      you'd think if someone had been there

      and found something

      they would know what it is...


      but all it says is that

      no link or anything

      so i uninstalled it...