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    DNS RoundRobin Cluster

    Laszlo G

      Hi everyone, I'm having a doubt about a cluster configuration and hope someone can help.


      If I have 2 different physical MEG that will load balance through MX registry, is there a way to configure them as a cluster so the configuration of an appliance is pushed to the secondary?


      If I set the typical failover cluster then it's easy because I set the Master appliance also as analyzer and the failover appliance as analyzer but can I do something similar in this situation?



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          Ryan Brady



          You can do a configuration push from one independent appliance to another if you don't want them to be part of a traditional cluster setup.  This is done under System - System Administration - Configuration Push.  You can set the first appliance to push automatically to the second both on a schedule and whenever you apply changes to the first.

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            Laszlo G

            Hi Ryan.


            Thanks, you're totally right. Silly me I forgot this option because there has been a lot of time I haven't used it. I usually create clusters and so the cluster service already pushes config to the failover