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    Endpoint Encryption 7.0.1 - Status inactive - not able to activate


      Endpoint Encryption 7.0.1 - Status inactive - not able to activate


      I have tried serveral KnowledgeBase Articel like this:


      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB82018&actp=null&viewloca le=en_US&showDraft=false&platinum_status=false&locale=de_DE

      But it doesn't solve the Problem.

      in the MfEpe.log i see the following error:

      2015-01-07 10:07:52,400 INFOEpoState                         == Start of policy enforcement ==
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,402 INFOStatusService                    Policy enforcement has started
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,402 INFOEpoPlugin                        enforceUserPolicy: Dispatching enforce policy event.
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,402 INFOEpoPlugin                        policyHandler: handling EnforcePolicy event
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,406 INFOEpoPlugin                        policyHandler: relying on AddLocalDomainUsers for user assignnent.
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,407 INFOEpoPlugin                        userHandler: handling AddLocalDomainUsers event
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,409 INFODomainUsers                      Didn't find any new local domain users.
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,409 INFOEpoPlugin                        userHandler: handling AddLocalDomainUsers response
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,410 ERROR   EpoPlugin                        userHandler: failing policy enforcement: no users assigned for activation to proceed.
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,430 INFOEpoPlugin                        epoAudit: dispatching audits to AgentHandler
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,460 INFOEpoState                         == End of policy enforcement ==
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,460 INFOStatusService                    Policy enforcement has completed
      2015-01-07 10:07:52,460 ERROR   StatusService                    Policy enforcement has failed

      We don't use a Domain. We have only local installed Clients at the Moment.

      Bút a lot of Clients working fine. Only a few Clients are not able to encrypt.

      What can I do?