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    Remove all packages in a specific ePO branch


      Hello all,


      I hope you all are ok.


      I am in the process of automating some processes within my company relying on ePO APIs (using python calls).

      Although I have already achieved some things such as: check in packages, replicate them and manage systems among others, I am struggling to remove X packages from the different ePO branches within Master Repository.


      Mainly, I would like to remove all the packages located in a specific branch so I can remove for example all the packages located in the Evaluation branch.

      I know that there is a function called repository.deletePackage (productId, packageType, branch), however how do I remove the packages without knowing neither productid nor packageType?


      Does anyone know how I can achieve that? a workaound?


      Any help would be much appreciated.



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          This is such a specific question that i think no one here will be able to help you, or at least it will take some time.

          Do you just want to delete all stuff from a specific branch once? or are you going to lets say create a task that deletes the whole evaluate-branch once a month?

          Maybe you try to contact McAfee-support and ask them for guidance?

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            Okay maybe the repositroy.pull option will help you out:


            repository.pull sourceRepository targetBranch moveToPrevious productList

            Pull packages from the source site

            Requires full permission for the Master Repository


            sourceRepository (param 1) - Source repository name

            targetBranch (param 2) - Target branch name, must be "Current" or "Previous" or "Evaluation"

            moveToPrevious (param 3) - If true, existing package will be moved to Previous branch. Defaults to false.

            productList (param 4) - List of product IDs separated by comma



            You need to run an SQL-query to list the elements for a specific branch export these to an XML or CSV file and use this a source for your script to delete them.