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    "RootKit" in McAfee's Scans?


      I was wondering on rootkits and McAfee. I saw a separate thread on this, but it was from April or some time ago. I ran my basic McAfee Quick Scan, and the last file it scanned was named "RootKit" and of course, knowing what a rootkit is, this raised my ears. So, I then began to panic thinking I have a kernel rootkit or something. I dowloaded McAfee's RootkitRemover tool, which detected nothing. Then, I ran a full McAfee scan, twice, and both times, I watched all of the thousands of files being scanned, and I saw this "RootKit" again.The scan on the file took some time, much longer than any other normal file. The other discussion I read on this site said that this simply meant that the scanner was checking for rootkits, not that I had one. I would just like to be reassured of this and know why this "Battle with McAfee" to get this renamed, but it still hasn't been, which is why I'd like to be reassured.


      Thanks for any answers.