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    Newly installed ePO and product deployment


      Hi All,


      We've just deployed ePO on one of our servers (with some issues but eventually it worked).

      Now we can deploy Agents to some of our our PC/Laptops but not all for some reason. It says it cant find the path, even through the device is sitting next to me just like the one where the deployment was successful.

      Also when we try to deploy the software like Endpoint Security Threat Prevention via software deployment the proggress says 0% all the time, even to the clients with agents already installed.

      The agent on the device says under Security Status only says McAfee Updater and nothing else.


      Am I missing the point here, should this be like that?

      Why can't we deploy the software?


      The ePO is synchronised with AD and it can see all the devices. ver.5.1.1


      Any thoughts?


      Thank you in advance.