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    Solidcore Features


      I am deploying Solidcore thru ePO 5.1 on Windows. From the following can anyone explain me the feature deny-read & deny-write? How can I disable them on clients from ePO?



      C:\>sadmin features

        activex                        Enabled

        checksum                       Enabled

        deny-read                      Disabled

        deny-write                     Enabled

        discover-updaters              Enabled

        enduser-notification           Enabled

        integrity                      Enabled

        mp                             Enabled      Disabled-On-Reboot

        mp-nx                          Enabled      Disabled-On-Reboot

        mp-vasr                        Enabled      Disabled*-On-Reboot

        mp-vasr-forced-relocation      Enabled      Disabled*-On-Reboot

        network-tracking               Enabled

        pkg-ctrl                       Enabled

        script-auth                    Enabled

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          Haaris Faizan

          Goto the below link, it might be helpful

          SolidCore features list

          You can enable/disable using sadmin enable featres deny-write command by running a client task for this command from EPO

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            Just to add a bit more to Harris's reply,


            By default, the read-protect feature is disabled for optimal system performance. Run a command on the endpoint to enable read protection.


            To disable them on clients from ePO, follow the below steps


            To apply the client task to an endpoint, select the endpoint on the Systems page and click Actions | Agent | Modify Tasks on a Single System.


            Click Actions | New Client Task Assignment.


            1) Select the Solidcore 6.1.3 product, SC: Run Commands task type, and click Create New Task.
            2) Specify the task name and add any descriptive information.
            3) Type this command, "features enable deny-read"
            4) Select Requires Response if you want to view the status of the commands in Menu | Automation | Solidcore Client Task Log tab.
            5) Click Save.
            6) Click Next to open the Schedule page.
            7) Specify scheduling details, then click Next.
            8) Review and verify the task details, then click Save.
            9) Optionally, wake up the agent to send your client task to the endpoint immediately.


            Just follow the above steps if you need to enable or disable features on specific end-points.



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              Haaris Faizan

              Thanks for the full information!!

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                From the output I  can see by default deny-write is enabled. What exactly does it deny? Deny write to disk?

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                  Haaris Faizan

                  Deny-write option is enabled by default,it means that we can use the write protect feature in Solidcore.

                  Deny-write option is enabled by defult doesnt mean that user will not be able to write anything,you have to specify the path of the folder which you want to write protect


                  Deny-read option is dsabled by default ,it means that we cant use this feature ,we have to enabled it through a command to use this feature