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    Virus Scan stuck at 36%


      My pc was running a scheduled scan and since I had to scan an infected pendrive immediately so I had to stop the current scheduled scan. Now the scan is stuck at 36% from the past few days and I am not able to stop it. The pause button is grey(which mean i cannot click on pause). I've restarted/turned off my laptop several times during past few days but it shows stuck at 36% always. I am not able to do quick scan of files which i download from the internet because of this. Is there anyway,like through command prompt, or by ending virus scan process in the task manager etcm, so that i can forcefully cancel "this" VirusScan?And what can I do so that this does not happen again in future? Its currently scanning RootKit.

      My specs:

      Dell Inspiron 15R 5537

      Windows 8.1