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    Building ePO server in cluster..

    Pinaki Bhadra

      Hi Everyone,


      I have three windows 2008 R2 servers where I want to install Mcafee ePO 5.1 servers in a cluster along with database cluster (Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard Edition). How can I put both the OS, ePO and database in a cluster within these three servers because I can not add one more server in the cluster and I have to run the cluster with these three windows 2008 servers only. What would be best way to build the cluster so that if any of the OS or ePO servers or database go down the secondary will be up and production will not hamper. Is there any way to keep the OS and ePO and database always should be running if primary servers go down?? Please suggest me what would the best way to build the cluster? Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,