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    Cli commands for Web Gateway


      Can anyone point me to a document or link that would have the listing of the CLI commands for the web gateway?  I can find it for other products but for some reason it is not available for the web gateway.

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          The answer is simple - there is no CLI, thus no documentation.


          Any specific task you are looking for?




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            When we installed the gateway, the automatic configuration set the "obtain IP address from DHCP" of which there is no DHCP.  We need to reprogram the ports with staic IP addresses so that we can get to the User interface.  I know there is an Ifconfig but I need to know what other commands we can use.

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              makes sense!

              For the time being, you want to log on to MWG locally using the shell with root and your password.

              There, run ifconfig eth0 <IP>/subnet - for example: ifconfig eth0


              Access the UI on that IP and configure the settings permanently via Configuration > Network Interfaces.


              Or reimage again.




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                This is what I usually do in such cases:


                ifconfig eth0 netmask up

                route add default gw


                The second command will allow you to access via network even from a different subnet, which might be helpful. The IP address specified there is the default gateway.


                Then as Michael said connect to, login and change the network settings again. Note that there might be some settings which might still point to the old IP address, I think of Configuration -> Central Management. You may need to correct the listeners there.


                If you have not configured anything so far and still have console/KVM access a re-image might be simpler and will ensure all is set up properly.


                NOTE: As indicated you are not working with a "CLI" but with the operating systems (Linux) shell. Many "well known" linux commands work. If you are not familiar with Linux a search on the internet will reveal a ton of hints, just treat MWG like any other system running Linux. Therefore no special documentation is available.




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                  thanks everyone,


                  I guess I got confused between the firewall commands and the gateway commands.  I got it to work so thanks for the commands.