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    ePO policy management on & offsite


      I'm currently building a new ePO 5.1 server configuration, previously we have implemented ePO 4.6 and 3.6, so I'm familiar with the way that it works. However in our current ePO 4.6 implementation, we are restricted to having our clients for VSE & HIPS contact the onsite ePO server to update policies. This is currently achieved by users being onsite (via WAN) or via VPN access to the WAN.


      I'd like to change the configuration, as we are rolling out more and more cloud based systems, the need to be connected to the WAN is diminishing, and we have a number of laptop users who only connect to our WAN network once or twice a year.


      How can I configure ePO so that I can deliver policy updates on network and off network, without configuring the ePO server on an inhouse hosted DMZ. Is it possible for example to have the Primary ePO server onsite, and via a VPN have another in AWS thats publicly available for our off network clients ?


      If this is not possible, any other ideas on how this can be done, if its possible how ?


      Thanks in advance

      Sam Conroy