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    EPO 4.6.3 Update to 4.6.4 FAILURE/100%, but unable to do certain things after update


      Mcafee Ticket: 4-7693998131

      EPO 4.6.3 Update to 4.6.4 FAILURE/100%, but unable to do certain things after update




      This is larger ticket we have open for almost a month now and we tracked down the problem backwards with Snapshots (Local SQL Express).


      * EPO 4.6.3 Full running and working 100%

      * DLP 9.1 Full running wokring 100%


      Pre checks for Upgrades done:


      * All Upgrade Pre Checks like SQL, Space-DB, Close, Non Enc. as described done and OK

      * All older and seperate extension and NOT needes Software fully removed

      * Policy ID 5/10 sites bug "Policy id around 260 so should be not the case" (See 5.1 bus as example)

      * Doin the Update with RDP /CONSOLE

      * Doin the update with Domain Admin and the service account is local admin and has perfect SQL permission (Code page SQL right and all ok, master as default db etc.)

      * Debug Level on 8

      * All Third party deinstalled

      * WSUS client disabled

      * SQL Size uner limit

      * Local Firewall OFF / WAN Firewall all open to External


      Any further Migration Steps from 4.6.3 to these versions go thorugh 100% with no error but leaves EPO in NON working mode after this. (Can logon, uanble to Refresh Software Manager, or PULL single DAT files manuall from http or FTP).


      4.6.3 TO >  4.6.4 / 4.6.5 / 4.6.6 / 4.6.8 (All backwards JUMPS with Netapp Snapshots of full EPO with local SQL)


      Have the same error:


      The Installation runs 100% and we see no erros. All three Services are UP and running. Reboot done.


      BUT >


      * Software Update Manager on Refresh we get a RED MINUS Symbol (Does not work, gets files from Servers, unpacks in temp moves but then no futher errros)

      * We cannot manually Update a DAT like pull it from HTTP/FTP

      * We can't give Jobs or Tasks (They imm. fail)


      Any help welcome....


      * We have been at 5.1 incl. 9.3 DLP but the BUG id not dissapear....

      * Went back step by step with Acronis from diffrents dates we migrated (Local SQL)

      * Currently working 4.6.3 but can't get any further than that version NO Upgrade

      * EPO more than 5 years in place