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    Webreporter Pulling logs from webgateway error

    Haaris Faizan


      Information:- We have configured webreporter to collect logs from webgateway.We are successfully able to pull the logs from webreporter for individual webgateway.The thing is that we have 5 proxy in HA cluster & when we configured all proxies in webreporter to pull the logs from it we are getting error


      Error:-Jobs in webreporter showing error "Failed couldnt initialize" because its not able to login in webgateway at that

      time because proxies are in cluster,so webreporter cant login to all proxy at the same time to fetch the logs.


      Question:-Is there is an alternate way to pull the logs from all webgateway at the same time without any error???


      When user is login in one proxy & he tries to login to other proxy at the same time & get the message that "another tomcat is already attached".Is there any way to reduce the time to login to other webgateway.


      In same manner webreporter tries to get login in two or more proxies at a time to pull the logs, same login issue does not complete the job. I have attached screenshots herewith.


      Expected Resolution - Login possible in two or more proxies at a time which is configured in cluster.


                                        Possiblity of proxy login less than one minute after prevous proxy login.