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    ePO License


      We have purchased 100 users licenses in technology, Mcafee complete end point protection-business (CEB). Can we install ePO in two different locations or servers with the same license?

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          Peter M

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            unless your two sites are not connected just install one to have centralized management.
            Is there a specific problem you are trying to solve by having to ePO?

            To answer your question, ePO is licensed per node, like CEB. So you could have 100 ePO.

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              Yes, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  We have a national organization, so, we have Super Agent Repositories to distribute the load on WAN links. We have also considered deploying a Remote Agent Handler for our larger offices and in the DMZ. We do have some isolated, or black site offices that have their own server completely separate as they cannot connect externally. So, just depends on your application. And occasionally, there might be political opposition to sharing a server. Like between desktop admins Vs, Server Admins. So, a lot of variables here, but, as far as I know, your licence covers as many EPO servers as you want to stand up.