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    Cannot wake-up agents on EPO 5.1


      We've recently been seeing errors when trying to wake up agents. A few agents respond, however the majority will not. The server.log file shows entries like this:


      20141230074313  I #05448  NAIMSERV  Wake up agent on DNS name xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx...
      20141230074313  E #05448  MCUPLOADFailed to send http request. Error=12029 (12029)
      20141230074313  E #05448  NAIMSERV  server.cpp(513): Failed to send request, err=0x80004005, HTTP status code=0
      20141230074313  E #05448  NAIMSERV  server.cpp(892): Error sending data channel message to application server
      20141230074313  E #05448  NAIMSERV  AgentServerCommHandler.cpp(659): Failed to precess agent request


      The DataChannel.xml and dcRedirect.xml files point to the same version ( I can telnet to the wake-up port on the agents from the ePO server with no problem and the agents check in. DNS resolution works and HotFix510LL is installed. The tomcat7 process runs constantly at around 40-50% CPU and the system is sluggish with an 8-proc server and only around 7000 clients.


      Any ideas?