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    How to Determine which Version of EEPC is on the old Drive


      Hello all,


      I am a data recovery specialist who is a contractor for our client.  I've been working with McAfee Safeboot 5.2 and EEPC 6.2 for some years now.  We've recently migrated to 7.1, and are gradually pushing all machines on old versions to 7.1 (which means there are currently three encryption agents from the same product line active in the environment, which can make supporting my client much more difficult).  Many of these forced migrations fail, corrupting the pre-boot file system written by the product (displays the 92H error as a result).  We've determined that the product listed in the error message (i.e. "Safeboot has been Corrupted") doesn't actually tell us anything useful; just that Safeboot has been on a given drive at some point (As per the Safeboot v5 and EEPC v6 Administrator guides, Safeboot system files aren't deleted when the machine migrates to a new product). 


      I have a specific case currently that I see pop up from time to time; I am working with an old image on a machine; however, the product and version information I have available in ePO is only related to the current image, which is deployed and in contact with ePO via the encryption agent at this time.  I have the .XML file that is related to the corrupt encryption on the drive in my hands, but as far as I can tell, I have no means of verifying which version of EEPC is actually on this drive.  Are there any indicators in the .XML file that I can use to identify which version of the product the encryption is related to?  Alternatively, is there any way that I can verify within ePO which version an old .XML file is related to?

      Also, no worries about destroying the data by tinkering with the encryption; I've been doing this long enough that I take every necessary precaution to safeguard the source media.  It just isn't cost effective for the client for me to spend a few weeks forcibly decrypting three plus raw copies of a given source before we even know if data is recoverable, so any means you guys may know to zero in on a suspect would be really helpful.


      Thank you very much,



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          Peter M

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            Don't you really need to know what version of SafeBoot is on the drive itself? That info is in the MBR..

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              I would like to solicit your services if you're for hire.  I am trying to do the emergency boot to fix the Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error [0xEE00000E] invalid time zone bias error.  I made a boot disk and got the daily code from a tech rep so I can authorize but now need the file to authenticate - see attached screen shot of where I'm stuck.  I spent all day on the phone with 10 different McAfee tech reps and only the 10th one had any clue what this error was about - the others kept telling me I had to contact my computer manufacturer and reinstall the operating system.


              Thank you very much, Sincerely, Mike

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                The file you need can only be created by the epo instance this machine is registered to. The detech manual for your version of the product explains how to do this.


                wwe can't create this fine for you - only you can do it.

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                  Okay, thanks for the information.  Perhaps I am in over my head - I had McAfee Total Protection installed that I purchased several years ago and let it expire so haven't used it in a couple of years and uninstalled it from my laptop (can't recall the reason), but nonetheless, I'm not sure why I got this error, or how I would even log into the ePO.  I made it this far on my own, but might be time to turn it over to the experts (which is not McAfee because I have talked to ten different tech reps).  Do you have any recommendations for me?  Thanks much, again, I greatly appreciate it!  I just need to get my computer back ASAP, so if I need to send my laptop out and pay to have someone recover it or pay to have tech service assist me over the phone, I'm happy to do that.


                  Thanks again, Sincerely, Mike

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                    Only the IT team who own the EPO instance this machine was registered to can repair it - no one else can. This is security software.


                    IF that team doesn't exist then you can't repair it - all you can do is reimage the hard disk.

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                      Thanks very much for the info.  I'm concerned with the support from McAfee that I've received so far, that I'll have a hard time trying to explain to them what I'm trying to do and have them get me to the right IT people that can help me, any ideas?


                      Also, if that team doesn't exist, will I be able to remove my hard drive and at least retrieve the documents off it or am I out of luck there?  Not a major deal as I have a backup from a month ago.


                      Thanks very much again and my apologies for all these questions, this is a new arena for me.


                      Have a great weekend!


                      Sincerely, Mike

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                        It's your company's IT team who can help you, not McAfee - we can't help break through the encryption on your company machine.


                        What support number are you calling? I assume you have a grant number and you are calling enterprise support, not the consumer group?


                        Unfortunately, if your company IT department can't, or won't help you, then there's no way to recover the documents - EEPC is very very good at protecting the data, but also very easy to recover, but only by the company who owns the data/product.

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                          Thanks again! That's what's weird about this whole thing.  This is on my home personal laptop and I had the consumer Total Protection software installed, so I have no grant # and have no idea how this error occurred.  I have been on the phone with the McAfee consumer group who have transferred me to the corporate tech service who then transferred me back, etc.  I was just on the phone with a technician who said he cannot help me and could not understand the procedure detailed in the KB article, so I guess I'm hosed, but I find it hard to believe that no one at McAfee can help walk me though the KB article that details how to solve it and at least attempt to retrieve the recovery file.  If its not retrievable, that's fine, I understand that, but it would be nice for someone at McAfee to at least attempt to get that far with the troubleshooting process.


                          Again, thanks for all your help, you have been the most  knowledgeable of anyone I've spoken to so far.


                          Have a great weekend!



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