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    Hello. Need some help


      Hello and nice forum..


      The lap top is a Dell Inspiron 15R  running windows 8.1


      I have a problem. My son the other day did some downloading of some games onto an sd card to put on a game system.


      Today I turn on the laptop (that I use) for my work and while browsing sites I get slammed with side popups, middle of the screen popups. I also get those windows that pop up asking to download the latest version of xyz.....

      This is happening on google chrome. So I switch over to explorer and the same thing started happening. I have reset the browser to its default settings on chrome but that has not stopped it.


      It makes browsing anything a painful experience.


      I really need to get this fixed. I looked into the control panel and I don't see any strange looking programs. There was one on there from Dell that I do not remember downloading dated within a week ago....I uninstalled that...

      there is something on the desktop but I can't find it in the control panel to delete it. This desktop icon I speak of says RegClean M under the icon.


      This computer has Mcafee installed on it and I have scanned several times. Nothing shows up. When I go back to trying to browse here come the side ads and popups again.


      Any and all help will be beyond appreciated.