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    Manually update dat files using gem files on Linux machine


      I look after a Linux machine at the remote end of a high-latency, low-bandwidth WAN link. On that machine, I require avvclean.dat, avvscan.dat and avvnames.dat to be as up-to-date as possible but it's not feasible for me to transmit the entirety of the 3 dat files over the WAN daily owing to the bandwidth and latency constraints. I am unable to use ePO to solve this problem so I need to find a way to 'update' the 3 dat files daily on the Linux machine by transmitting only the small incremental gem files.


      I've found references to a binary on the communigate website called updateDatFiles but it looks old and I've no idea if it works with the current dat/gem file format. It also appears to want to connect to a website to reach the gem files when all I want is something that takes gem files in a local directory (that I transmitted to the machine myself) and use them to update the dat files, rather than expecting to reach out over the web or require me to run a local web service. updateDatFiles says "Instead of downloading a 30MB size avvdat-nnnn.zip file the program will download a number of small .gem files, the plugin will merge them with the existing .dat files."


      Is it possible to do what I'm looking to do? Thanks in advance for any help.