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    total protection... i'm at risk?


      have mcafee total protection

      click on the security report

      it says i'm at risk

      big and red

      with no clue as to why


      all it says is check the settings...


      everything was green a moment ago...

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          Open the Security Center and see what it says there. I keep getting the At Risk message when it's nothing more serious than I haven't checked for updates for a few days or haven't run a scan for a few weeks.


          The other usual culprit is the firewall has turned itself off or been turned off by something. That needs investigating if it's that.

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            under virus and spyware protection it says issues found

            and it doesn't say what they are

            that would be nice...


            after searching,

            the vulnerability scanner was upset

            over a shockwave update for ie which i never use

            and two items that needed to be quarantined

            which i doubt

            but that's a whole other issue...


            it's all green again


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              McAfee Virtual Technician

              try running the virtual technician and see if it clears up anything if this happens again

              Glad to see you are green now

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                                  As you mentioned McAfee quarantined (2) items also, for your safety. If you prefer to delete those items. You can open your McAfee User Interface and click on Navigation/Quarantined and Trusted Items/Quarantined Items/Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs/Select and Delete/Restart.


                                   Just thought I would add that....


                All the very Best


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