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    Question regarding Running McAfee Security Center and Glary Utilities


      I am running McAfee Security Center provided by my internet provider on my Dell HP Pavilion dm4-3050us laptop  I also have Glary Utilities 5 on it.  Until recently my McAfee Security Center worked fine, but after the Clary installation the Vulnerability Scanner portion of McAfee stopped allowed me to  open it.  It still runs the scan and tells me I have updates but I cannot open it to install the updates.  I learned through some on-line reading in "community.mcafee.com" that Glary can interfer with McAfee Security Scan but that there is a work around by excluding the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TskTCShm.CoMcTaskScheduler\CLSID\.  It tells me to (1.) run the Glary "1-Click Maintenance". select all fields, and click on "Scan for Issues".  (2.)At the end of the scan, in the first field, which is Registry Cleaner, click on "Show Details".  (3) Search registry key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TskTCShm.CoMcTaskScheduler\CLSID\.   (4) Right click on it and set it to always exclude.  Close this details window.  (5) Now you're back to main menu "1-Click Maintenance", and click on "Repair Problems".  (6).  Finish.


      I have done this in Glary and the registry key referenced does not show up in the step 1 scan for issues.  How do I find this key and exclude it so I can run the Vulnerability Scanner again?

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                             If you are referring to McAfee Security Scan Plus. You can safely delete it, for it contains no protection capabilities at all. It generally checks to determine if your system has a Anti-Virus application on your system. And sometimes inadvertently downloaded/installed along side such Programs as Adobe Flash Player/Reader.


                              As for Glary Utilities is concerned. I highly recommend (against) using as registry cleaners can cause more harm than good, over time.This could indeed be the reason you are experiencing issues, as a result of possible registry items being removed.


                                I recommend using the Windows Disk Clean Utility/and McAfee Quick Clean. Even then, I leave the (Registry) option unchecked.  I might add that there has been some issues discussed with the (Vulnerability Scanner).




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            Peter M

            Registry cleaners are dangerous tools because no matter what brand or how good they are, they will eventually remove essential registry keys of other software, or even Windows itself and cause malfunctions at best and complete system failure at worst.  Do NOT use them.   If Glary has an "Undo" feature, use it and then get rid of it.

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                                    I would also add that following Colleague Ex_Brit suggestion, is excellent advice. If after undoing the changes Glary Utilities has implemented. If your McAfee seems to still not properly work. You may want to run the latest MVT  http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/en-us/downloadindex.html


                                    If you continue to experience issues, it may require a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall ; How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)


                                      Let,s hope that simply (Undoing) what Glary has done, will resolve your issues, and drastic measures are not needed to be done, Such as Uninstalling/Reinstalling


              All the very Best


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                I got burned some time ago with Glary Utilities. The registry cleaner part of it is unnecessarily ruthless in stripping out information from the registry that it really should leave well alone. Yes it does play badly with McAfee, because it removes registry keys and data that McAfee needs to function properly. It also interferes with Malwarebytes, so that a Malwarebytes scan will terminate with an error message.


                Using Glary Utilities is likely to lead to you seeing the "Failed to create iDispatch" error message. If that happens I believe there is a patch available to restore the McAfee registry keys :

                see http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/cleanup/IDispa tch.reg


                That patch specifically refers to a set of registry keys which includes the one you mention.


                As for the advice that you found and included in your post, I cannot comment on it. It might work, it might not. I see the same advice in two places offered by two possibly separate posters, but nowhere can I see any proof offered that it will work.


                The only guaranteed way to restore McAfee to a guaranteed working state is to uninstall it, run the MCPR removal tool, then re-install it. Of course you'll have to re-customise the Security Center settings ... but afterwards, don't use any registry cleaners. There are very few which are restrained enough to be trusted, and which allow you to pick and choose individual items to be removed. Not even the built-in McAfee registry cleaner fulfils those criteria.