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    BUG!! Web gateway certral management console cannot add applicance


      I cannot believe this kind of bug can be happen in mcafee products.


      Web gateway all you change the central management communication port, as screen short I changed to 1100


      in the previous version 7.1 and 7.2, you can specify the port number when you want add appliance into central management console.


      but I found the version 7.4 not allow to specify port number. It's conflicts ! You allow to change port but cannot use the port.


      and when I call support the engineer said  he can specify port when add appliance in the same version.


      I'm totally not believe it because I test it in my three different of mcafee web gateway environments, all the system are not allow specify the port number after upgrade to 7.4.


      very disappoint for the mcafee products and the support.








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