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    Failed CRL Lookups


      Is anyone else experiencing this?


      For the past 1.5-2 months, We have been having the two following CRLs fail.


      Failed to download file: http://crl.aol.com/AOLMSPKI/aolServerCert.crl

      Failed to download file: http://www.ips.es/ips2002/ips2002CAC.crl


      I would imagine that everyone has this issue as I can't connect to those URLs off-site. Is there a way to pull these out of the CRL db?



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          Jon Scholten

          Hi Numark,


          Are you using the McAfee Subscribed list for Known CAs or the static on box list of Known CAs? You can tell by going to Policy > Lists, then you will see "Certificate Authorities" populated under the "Custom lists" or all the way at the bottom for
          Subscribed lists".


          crl.aol.com was removed from the subscribed list awhile ago, but there is an issue where MWG continues to try and download that CRL, a restart of the service (service mwg restart) should fix this until the root issue is resolved.


          ips.es, as far as I remember was apart of the static on-box list, and isnt in commission any longer.


          Best Regards,


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            M Bagheryan M

            It is discussed before. MWG 7.5.0 Dashboard Error

            Please do search your issue in community then make a new discussion.

            May be you can find your answer sooner than expected by this way.