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    How to handle      "Names of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT  =     Trojan-Wiper (ED)"



      I'm scanning my small set of PC's for a few weeks and today firtst time I hit this error: " Names of detection signatures in EXTRA.DAT  = Trojan-Wiper (ED)"

      Could someone please explain me whant means EXTRA.DAT? Is it addition to .DAT? In my case I am using xdat.exe to get latest .DAT and then command line for scanning. How should I handle the issue? I only have OnDemandLog.txt file at the end of scan. Should I open Console and analyze what McAfee did with that malware Trojan-Wiper. BTW is it a virus? What measures should I take to get rid of it?

      I will attach a small log that I got from my scan.


      P.S. After first detection of Trojan-Wiper in 2 hours I ran again with a newer version of .DAT and it again detected the same issue. Does it mean first time it was neither cleaned not Quarantined?