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    Adblock prevents display of Friend button in profiles


      If you use Chrome, here's a salutary warning. For a while I've been mildly wondering why I was the only one who couldn't Follow (or, as it's now been renamed, Friend) another user. The Jive Help section was quite explicit : there's a button to do this on a user's profile page. Except that, for me, there wasn't.


      It turns out that AdBlock Plus wasn't being honest about what it was blocking. It said nothing was blocked on the profile pages, but when I switched it off (and whitelisted the whole Community for good measure) the Add As Friend button magically appeared. So, if you have browser add-ons and something isn't quite right with the way the site is displaying or behaving, try switching off those add-ons that modify a webpage's appearance or behaviour. They sometimes have unexpected side-effects.