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    macmnsvc.exe broadcast to all client that installed MA4.5 on my network




      I've mcafee agent 4.5 installed on all client in my network and they communicate with ePoicy server.

      I've install MA 5.0 on new client (Called TestPC) that connected to same network but only this PC can

      communicate with newer version of epolicy server (Called Test-epolicy5.1.1 new server that stay in different network with old epolicy server)

      When I click update security on client that installed MA5.0(VSE 8.8) I have a problem with macmnsvc.exe ,

      This file broadcast to all client in my network and all client's firewall alert to execute FrameworkService.exe


      So, My question is

      1. "What does macmnsvc.exe do ?"

      2. "How to disable macmnsvc.exe to not broadcast to all other client that installed MA"

      3. "What does FrameworkService.exe do ?"