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    Monitoring TLD Domains


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a list of top level domains that are generally more suspicious than others. For example,


      • .SU
      • .BIZ
      • .WS
      • .CC
      • .RU
      • .GM
      • .SO


      Is there a way that I can create a bar chart that will show the amount of domains seen that exist that have the TLD suffix identified in my list? I'd like a count or percentage beside each of the TLDs.




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          Filtering by domain name is only possible using watchlist.


          I suggest you create a watchlist as follow:


          Check Dynamic

          Check Enable automatic Update

          Update Every So Many Minutes     4hours (or similar)



          ESM Strings

          Search: /\.su$|\.biz$\.ws$|\.cc$|\.ru$|\.gm$|\.so$/i



          Type: Domains


          Then you can create a view with filter on this watchlist.


          Hope this helps.